Bow Thrusters

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Dependable Marine Service can install and service your traditional bow thruster.
One product we are excited about is ExTurn Bow and Stern thrusters.  The Exturn Thruster is an externally mounter thruster that is very popular in Europe and is just starting to be installed in the US.  Many people see the drawing of the ExTurn thruster and the first thing they ask about is drag - and rightly so.  Certainly you will have some drag from the ExTurn but MUCH LESS than you would have with a tradtional thruster.  The ExTurn is hydrodynamically designed to go easily through the water.  The tunnels on traditional thrusters slow your vessel much more than with the ExTurn.
ExTurn is much faster to install, less intrusive (no cutting large tunnels through your bow), and can be installed on many vessels where a traditional thruster is just to cumbersome to work. 
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