Yacht Systems
At Dependable Marine Service, we have the experience and trained technicians to tackle any marine systems upgrade or problem you may encounter. Our techs are certified to correctly andsafely install all systems including plumbing, galley, sanitation, and ventilation.  Whatever your needs, we can effect the complete design and installation quickly and professionally.
Let us help you enjoy your boat more.
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Prompt, Professional Yacht Service

A VacuFlush sanitation system can make your boat feel more like a home.  First, VacuFlush features adult sized seats and one touch flushing, no more flipping valves and pumping.  Second, VacuFlush minimizes odors with a fresh water flush and powerful vacuum.  As an installation and servicing dealer, we have found these systems easy to use and reliable. 
If you made it through last winter in Maryland, you know that the reverse cycle heat from your ac is just not enough.  Consider central heat with a Hurricane Diesel Heating System.  Not only can you extend your boating season but you will also have continuous "demand" hot water year round. 
Changing your oil doesn't need to be such a chore or so expensive - install a permanent X-Change-R oil changing system. Whether you change your oil yourself or you hire us to do it, it will save time (and money), and your boat will stay cleaner.
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